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However, the Wenchuan ancient jade beads in Longxi little dragon Xigou surrounding area was excavated Tridacna bead tube most areas. This is a very interesting phenomenon. The facts show that, although since the Shang and Zhou dynasties Longxi Jade has been transported to Chengdu Plain, a large number of exquisitely made jade and Ancient Qiang people near the side of Mei-yu resources has long been indifference, abandoned but being far away in thousands of miles of the the ocean deep sea Tridacna outside a soft spot, at enormous human and material resources, this phenomenon causes what is it?

The study of national history that a white representation polytheism,Is Qiang salient features of primitive religion. Qiang worship white, that continues today. Wenchuan ancient beads are mostly white, with distinctive characteristics of their original religion. Tridacna beads is the most ancient natural white material as a white God, nation, and the highest of white clam of religious worship, achievements of the period of the history of ancient Chinese stories of beads, but also created the Ancient Chinese Beads sum of wealth of wealth. The ancient system of beads, multi-local materials, a few thousand years ago from thousands of miles outside of a few hundred years continuously transported back to a large number of beads produced a large number of examples of raw materials in China, even the whole world are rare.

So that the raw material sources, in particular, China's indigenous religion, the meaning of the original ancient Tridacna Wenchuan thick beads, is physical testimony of ancient Southern Silk Road, is the carrier of Ancient Qiang Culture. And so far, China and the world, best preserved and most abundant, and belong to four high-ancient organic gemstone beads of resources. Tridacna beads Wenchuan ancient beads in a dazzling star.