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Beads, the use of crystal, wood, agate, glass and amber beads texture Acrylic Beads, wonderful ingenuity to, DIY jewelry belonging to his beloved, in recent years evolved into a hand-made jewelry door to class, children, youth, middle age the elderly have hands-on, beads have become a popular alternative-profile fashion.

Perhaps you want to have a unique jewelry, perhaps you want to show your own creativity, it also make a personality of their own beaded it.

Introduction beaded Tools

Scissors, needle nose pliers, tweezers, hot melt guns, lighters, rulers, white glue, lap, 9 words pin, necklace lock, phone lock, T-pins, ear hook, block beads, transparent colored elastic cord, fish line, color fishing line, wire, fine wire, colored wire, rust-proof wire.

Ps: the specific materials needed to produce the beads according to the work to purchase the appropriate Jewelry Supplies, tools can be.

The basic techniques of bead

Lock single knot method:

1, the line through the lock, the other end through a small bead and make a single knot.

2, the direction of the line tension to the lock, the small beads wrapped in lock header, compress the lock with pliers.

Lock wire binding method:

1, the two lines through the lock knot tight.

2, with the needle nose pliers can be pressed to live lock.

Special treatment:

1, the string of beads wrong - when wearing the wrong beads can be crushed with a needle nose pliers, use cloth or plastic wrap and then crushed.

2, the burning end of a thread method - thread burned with a lighter ball, in contact with white plastic tie is not easy to fall off.

Parts using these steps:

Eye Pins stitch to use: 1, Eye Pins stitch through the beads. 2, Eye Pins with the needle nose pliers to twist the other end of the word pin folded round shape. 3, and then you can adjust the angle.

Lap to use: 1, with the needle nose pliers to pull the lap before and after the cross was like. 2, staggered by law is the right bend.

Stop bead to use: 1, beads and beads in series block. 2, block beads and beads to adjust to the desired location, using needle nose pliers to flatten beads before and after the block, the location of beads can be fixed.

Phone lock use: 1, the line through the phone lock knot. 2, the cable lock through the other end of phone locked, you can.

T-pin to use: 1, string beads into the T-pin. 2, with the needle nose pliers to T-pins are bent, you can.