We would be happy to quote you on any piece(s) that you are interested in ordering. Please call us at 520-762-9712 or Email us at with your city, state and zip code along with the specific piece or pieces that you are interested in. We will have a quote for you within two business days. Freight is delivered "curb side." This means that you will need to make arrangements for help in getting the item(s) into your home.
Out-of-state deliveries are not inexpensive. …Your heirloom quality furniture is carefully packed, crated and specially handled. They are also insured against damages and go out in partial truckloads. In most cases our low prices and absence of sales tax charged across state lines more than compensates for the added expenses of shipping. There are no hidden costs  involving shipping our pieces, therefore you are welcome to arrange delivery on your own if you so choose. Please be advised that all pieces being shipped will be double checked to insure that there are no damages when leaving our location and must be signed off by the designated delivery agent or customer.
Any damage incurred during transit of the pieces(s) while using your delivery service or personal pickups are your responsibility.
We would be happy to send you an example quote on some of the items and areas that we commonly ship to throughout the USA.  Please call at at 520-762-9712 or Email us at