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Play The Rainbow Riches Slot Machine   by Andrew Ellenthorpe

in Entertainment / Gambling    (submitted 2012-02-19)

When asking slot machine players in the UK what their favourite slot was to play, you can be sure that most of them will tell you RainbowRiches. For a long time now the RainbowRiches slot has been a great success and a true favourite amongst UK slot players and has even become very popular in some mainland European countries such as Germany and Italy.

for those who are not familiar with the Rainbow Riches bandit, it is a slot machine based around an Irish theme, mostly based around the lucky leprechaun charachter. The machine itself comes along with amazing graphics and superb sound effects, this is just one of the many reasons the Rainbow Riches slot machine is the most popular slot machine amongs UK slot players.

RainbowRiches which is made by the Barcrest company first found its success in UK pubs in the form of the £70 jackpot pub style bandit. Not long after its release, it was realased into UK bookmakes and casinos in the form of the Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold video slot machine. This is the version which consists of 5 reels and 20 winlines. Usually in bookmakers and casinos, this version of Rainbow Riches has an overall jackpot of £500.

Not long after the Rainbow Riches slot hit the bookies, like all things that are a success it soon found its way online and like all things that go online the Rainbow Riches machine became a lot bigger and a lot better. Although the game itself is exactly the same as the RainbowRiches Pots of Gold machine you will find in your local bookies, it comes with some added advantages and this is the reason why it has become such a big success online and more and more people are taking their playing from in the bookies to online casinos.

This could be for the reason that online casinos have a lot more to offer in terms of playin bonuses and general game play. For a start did you know that when you play Rainbow Riches slot machine online your chances of wining are considerably increased, due to the fact that the payout percentage is a fair bit higher than playing in your local bookmakers or bingo hall. You will fin that in a bookmakers the payout percentage tends to range from between 89% - 90%, whereas playing at most online casinos the payout percentage is 96%+. Not only is this an advantage but also the bonus frequency is a lot higher, this makes Rainbow Riches far more enjoyable to play online than it does in you nearest bookmakers.