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Male Pattern Baldness   by Serenity James

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Male Pattern Baldness is one of the common conditions affecting the majority of the male population. This condition may be hereditary and runs in the family. If you notice that your uncles and cousins are having a bare patch on their crown, you may, most likely, join their line. Some may skip generations and hence you may lucky not to have this condition.

High levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) are responsible for male pattern baldness. DHT is a naturally occurring hormone; its presence in the scalp of men predisposes them genetically to male pattern hair loss. As a result, the growth phase of your hair is shortened. Eventually, the hairs become so small and fuzzy that they become practically invisible.

The most common form of hair loss in men is known as male pattern baldness. It is principally considered to be a genetic problem and its symptoms include a receding hairline and/or bald patches on the head. There was no specific treatment for hair loss until the arrival and approval of Propecia. With the coming of Propecia on the market, men suffering from male pattern baldness.

The likely culprit behind your case of thinning hair in men is a hereditary, androgen driven hormone (DHT), condition commonly known as male pattern baldness/balding. The name in some ways is slightly misleading since the initial stages have more to do with thinning, along with a receding hair line than balding. Nevertheless, the condition is progressive and over time will likely result in the typical M shaped pattern with severe hair loss on the top of the head.

Male pattern baldness has a pattern for a reason. Inch by inch, the hairline recedes because of the slow but sure spread of DHT. DHT is a hormone that is needed by the body in its stages of growth and development. However, once a person reaches adulthood, then this DHT becomes a problem. It slowly gets deposited in hair follicles and aids in the death and the falling of hair by weakening it from the root.

For some men the most unexpected and most unbearable thing that can occur to them is losing their hair, and then let's find all about male pattern baldness. Although it may appear that, you are the most unfortunate person to have experienced such a condition it might cheer you up by knowing that it is not just you who is suffering from this condition.

It is hair loss on head which happens to male in 30 40 or 50 of their age. Hair loss is common problem in male and female but when it starts and does not stop then it forms patch on head without hair which is called male pattern baldness. It generally forms a patch on frontier of head or at top of head.

There is a range of male pattern baldness treatment options that you can use to manage your hair loss. Some of these treatment options like Propecia come highly regarded; they have undergone extensive clinical trials and therefore have proven results of efficacy. You can also choose from topical treatment options that are available in the form of lotions and shampoos.

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