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Japanese Glossary For Picture Board People   by Philip Ellison

in Web Design    (submitted 2011-07-26)

elusive thief. Also a person with phantom-like features. A stealthy individual who lives in the shadows. The equal of Western rogue or hobbit.

katana - A Japanese sword. About 99% of the time when you see ninjas and samurai with swords, they're established wielding katanas.

kawaii - Meeting the Japanese standard for "adorable."

kawaiiko - A cute youngster.

kei - Originally a sculpture design utilized to depict Buddha. As opposed to the additional familiar (to the West) vision of Buddha as a jolly, laughing fellow, Japanese Buddhas are slim and critical.

lolicon - A slang expression shared amongst Japanese and Western lifestyle, for the preference for youngster-like depictions of girls.

manga - Japanese comic textbooks. All graphic, printed media of a cartoon nature originating in Japan.

mangaka - A manga creator. Japanese for "cartoonist."

manzai - A model of humor involving a comedic duo of 1 "straight man" and a person "amusing guy." In Western way of life, Abbot and Costello would be regarded manzai.

mecha - Anime or manga involving large, armored, warrior robots, often piloted by a human within.

meganekko - The attraction to women who use glasses. Anime or manga depicting "geeky" women.

miko - A female temple attendant. For instance, characters utilized to stand for unique laptop or computer operating devices are "OS-tans."

tsundere - A feminine who is by turns aggressive and aloof, and sweet and charming.

yakuza - Japanese gangs and gangsters. Arranged crime. The equivalent of Western Mafia.

yandere - A psychotic stalker. A genre of Japanese manga/anime depicting shy, tranquil people today who turn into smitten to the stage of obsession with another person, ultimately turning violent and abusive, possibly even murderous.

yaoi - Japanese manga/anime depicting male homosexuals but supposed for females. In the West, if you produced fiction in particular for "fag hags," it would be referred to as yaoi.

yuri - A lesbian, or artwork appealing to or depicting gay gals.

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Meiji Jingu shrine and the Green forest adjacent it. Meiji Shrine is a Japanese Shinto temple.If you are fortunate you will see a Japanese Conventional wedding ceremony in the shrine.

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