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Insect Repellent - The Greatest Menace for the Mosquitoes   by MarkRozer

in Business / Small Business    (submitted 2013-02-04)

There are several insects flying all around us. Some instances of such insects are creeping insects, mozzies, ticks, flies, gnats, jigger and fleas which bites and annoys people.A single bite may get you any fatal disease which may even cost you your life.For this reason, insect repellent is so important.

The mozzies cause different kind of diseases more than any other insect which bites.Mozzies transmit different kinds of viral infections, yellow fever, dengue, epidemic flu to human beings.More than 70 crore people get infection every year.Malaria itself causes 30 lakh deaths every year.

It is still a mystery to the scientists how the insects which bites find their prey.The mozzies use several methods to detect their prey. Some mozzies hunt for blood during the daytime.People may use dark color clothes to protect themselves from such mozzie attack.The mozzies detect their prey using stimuli which smells the odor of the human body and particularly sweat.

The main things that attract insects are carbon dioxide and lactic acid which are excreted from the human body.The mosquitoes detect human beings by smelling the carbon dioxide from almost hundred feet away.The temperature of the body and the sweat also attracts them when they are near to human beings.There are various chemicals secreted from our body which also attracts them.The mozzies are also attracted to drunken people.The mozzies further get attracted to people suffering from malaria.Apart from this aroma of hair care materials, soaps, different kind of lotions and perfumes also attracts insects which bite.

People are continuously looking for an effective insect repellent, but none of those available is that much effective.The smell of garlic,yeast and thiamine is not that effective in keeping insects away.The hunt to make the perfect repellent is still going on for years but none such result have been derived.

An Insect Repellent must be effective to deposit a repel element on the skin layer but should not get evaporated easily which will not work anyway to keep insects away.There are several factors which come into play to bring effects.The regularity with which the products are applied by the people is also very important.The effectiveness with which the repellent function will determine the level of protection it can provide from the insect bites.

The effect of the repellent gets reduced when it comes in contact with the clothes and gets rubbed.The evaporation and insertion within the skin also influences its effect.It may even be washed off by sweat or rain and at very high temperature.If the person who is applying the repellent is engaged in any physical activity,then also the effect of the repellent gets reduced more than half.

The mosquito insect repellent which is commercially available doesn't provide complete protection to the applier.The skin without proper application of any repellent can be bitten by any insect.The annoyance and life risk that is caused by the bite of the insects can only be prevented by using proper clothes and any perfect repellent.