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Insect Repellant Clothing - A Mosquitoes Worst Enemy   by Terry Schierer

in Sports    (submitted 2010-07-02)

There are quite a number of different types of insect repellant available today and if you live in the South like I do you need to know as much as possible about all of them if you are to survive in the hottest time of the year outdoors. One of the newest types of insect repellant today is insect repellant clothing, which is the most effective way to cover 95% of your body from the mosquitoes. The military considers these type of clothing essential for survival in adverse conditions. There are of course other type repellant like wipes, spays and patches but the clothing does a better job than any of these in rough, infested territory.

The Permethrin saturated clothing that includes a DEET solution strong enough to do the job, but safe enough to wear, results in the combination of an ultrathon solution capable of withstanding the heat and sun that comes with many insect infested areas. There are many that consider working in safety netting the best option, and it is still an additional safety precaution that allows you to limit the amount of chemicals you need to use, but this type of clothing can protect those that work in adverse conditions where insect netting might not be a feasible option.

Even with repellent clothing, you will have other areas of skin that are exposed and you have to consider the sprays, wipes and other chemical possibilities to keep your skin protected from mosquitoes. While the insect repellent clothing that is treated with Permethrin will protect the majority of your body, you might need additional preventive measures. There are personal repellent devices and systems to consider, which allow you to limit chemical options.

For those that are employed in outside jobs that require working in tropical areas, it is easy to understand the value of clothing and the other repellent options that are available. With the natural systems there are ones safer than using DEET which are quite effective. Citronella oil is a popular option, but there are other natural repellents that are quite effective and easily available.

Other forms of insect repellent include devices known as "bug zappers" or electric fly swatters, for example. For additional combat devises there are the ones that are activated by motion, letting go a spray any time there is motion, those that release repellent every so many minutes and those you clip on your belt letting off an oder to repel the insects that are close enough to smell the odor.

Depending on your insect repellant needs, there are a number of products that can keep the most aggressive insect infestations, under control. While insect repellent clothing is one of the most popular methods that outdoor workers are considering, there are many other products available that employ a number of ideas for keeping pesky insects under control. Working outside in adverse conditions can leave you exposed to swarms of insect that are out of control where the presence of the West Nile virus could be present. Probably the best repellent solution is the clothing treated with permeating for personal protection. You should also consider the organic as well as the natural repellents.