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Ice city temperature derivatives animation - animation, derivatives - the toy industry   by hi joiney

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Printed with quot Mickey Mouse quot quot Donald Duck quot quot Astro Boy quot quot Black Cat Detective quot pattern of clothing stationery who has brought in many people 39 s childhood memories Now cartoon characters the charm is no longer limited to characters on their clothing hair and all related information all with beautiful cartoon story become a commodity market has been heating up in the ice city br br Comic books cartoon icons hand done original manual Doll Siwan with boxes of food donated toys dolls random way to sell boxed dolls model original key chain mobile chain special commemorative CD DVD Nangang District Harbin had just walked into a roadside west through animation shop hang on the wall put in the closet on the shelf hanging in the air of a variety of animation products immediately to reporters that confused some people who look like students selection in the store where the goods they want these consumers are very familiar look and the owner of the goods they want are very familiar only a few minutes of work have made the two business br br Is a senior store shopping fans Liu said animation products refers to the cartoon story as the carrier and the cartoon story is closely related to but outside of the product in the animation itself Rage a decade ago ice city quot Dinosaur Express can plug number quot in the quot can plug cap quot the hot popular animation products is an example With the continuous development of animation industry today 39 s animation products have become involved in hundreds of topics nearly a thousand kinds of goods big family Recently the Harbin many smart businesses will look on the store to open this type of product now large and small business Harbin animation products store about nearly 20 br br Owner Chak said he was running the animation shop for two years and consumers are mostly seven eighties of last century people the oldest not more than 35 years Anime fans will not only wear cartoon characters badge tag bracelets and other small accessories but also to their clothing hairstyle and their own personality to cartoon characters like the direction of approach Recently long popular abroad COSPLAY culture the role of dress are also popular ice city fans usually clothing Nangang District Harbin City customized to their favorite Cartoon Character clothing to purchase and related accessories will be dressed up as cartoon characters look like China 39 s animation industry was initially backward consumers only concerned with Japan the United States of animation products Over the past year with the state of the animation industry to improve attention and quot Yau giggle monkey quot quot Tuzki quot and other popular image of Chinese original cartoon peripheral products on their store shelves have become the hot item animation quot Yau giggle monkey quot quot David Panda quot big Plush Doll Already and quot Mashimaro quot quot Doraemon quot Such a big star quot rival quot and animation around the shop is also a fad for quot Chinese style quot