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How To Kill Insects Naturally   by Owen Jones

in Health    (submitted 2011-11-15)

There are times when it just seems that there are much more insects than previously. Perhaps it is the milder winters and wetter summers allowing them to breed more easily, or possibly it is because not so many people are using insecticides in their gardens.

It is quite understandable that a great deal of people do not want to use chemicals on their gardens, but not applying anything at all results in a boom in the insect population.

During the last fifty or more years, people had gotten more and more accustomed to using chemical insecticides to poison house and backyard insect pests because they are a faster and definite killer.

So what do you do if you want to control the quantity of garden insect pests, but do not want to use chemicals?

Well, you would have to revert to using natural insect pest killers, although most households have forgotten what their great-grandparents used to use to eradicate insects. The following is a list of some of the natural methods of killing insect pests. However, not all techniques or plants will be available in all countries.

Stinging nettles: if you cut down a bunch of stinging nettles and steep them in water for a week or more, chemicals will leach out of the vegetation into the water. Strain the water off and spray it onto your plants. It will kill or put off most garden insects. You can also use it as a plant food, but you will have to be cautious how concentrated it is.

Rotenone: is a natural insecticidal. It is manufactured from the roots of the derris plant. It kills by attacking the stomachs of insects. However, it is rather slow-acting and needs to be reapplied frequently in order to get the maximum effect. Do not use it near fish though.

Washing Up Water: soapy water of any sort will kill aphids amongst other garden insect pests. This is a very easy control to administer. Simply strain your soapy water into a spray gun (like an empty window cleaner spray gun) and squirt your greenfly.

Corn meal: you can sprinkle this around plants or skirting boards to kill insects. If a tomato hornworm or a cockroach eats some, the corn meal| will swell up in the insect's stomach with the bodily fluids in there and the insect will eventually pop.

Pyrethrum: made from geraniums: will paralyze an insect, but it will also wear off, so it is frequently mixed with a poison to kill the insect off. Otherwise, you can pick them up.

A mixture of cow's milk, flour and water can| beutilized as a natural pesticide, funnily enough. It is very good at killing the eggs of insects. It also destroys insects themselves by clogging their breathing holes. In other words, they suffocate.

Neem is a very common tree in India and has medicinal as well as insecticidal uses. This natural insecticide repels insects by means of an active ingredient that mimics an insect hormone. It makes it difficult, if not impossible, to digest food and it blocks their cycle of reproduction. It works most effectively of all on insects that mainly consume leaves.