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How to Control Scale Insects on Indoor Plants   by Thomas B. Chuong

in Home / Gardening    (submitted 2009-04-15)

Are you trying to learn how to control scale insects on indoor plants but can't seem to find the ways to do it that won't involve killing off your plants? There are many ways that you can take back control of your plants but there are many more that could end up causing further damage onto your plants.

Don't cause further damage on your plants and learn how to control scale insects on indoor plants the right way now. These little insects are very difficult to see if you don't know what you are looking for. You've probably seen little round tiny bumps on your plants before but didn't think another of it, well you should as it could be scale insects sucking the life out of your plants.

These insects can do a lot of damage on your plants fast as they usually travel in large infestations and if you don't fight back they'll take over all the plants in your home. They generally live in the undersides of your plants leaves and stems making it hard to see at first so really take a look. Usually the first signs of a scale insect infestation are the color of the leaves changing to a yellow color and in the worst cases turning black due to fungus and mold.

No one likes having an sort of bug living on their plants, especially ones that are killing them so stop the killing of your plants and take control of your scale insects. When you discover a plant that has scale insects transfer it into an area where no other plants are. By isolating the plant you are preventing the spread into other plants making your battle much easier.

To remove scale insects from your plant you will simply scrape them off either with your nail or an item that can scrape them off easily. Many people are known to just use a twig that they have lying around. If the scraping process doesn't work entirely make a mixture of soap and oil and begin washing your plants. You will want to wash each leaf and stem individually so be prepared to sit with that plant for awhile if it's a big one.

It can be quite frustrating having to deal with a scale insect infestation and if you don't take control of things properly the first time around you could be repeating it so ensure that you understand how to control scale insects on indoor plants right the first time so you can prevent the outbreak from happening again anytime soon. Insects are annoying no matter where they live so get rid of them fast and prevent the expansion of them to other plants.