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Electronic Insect Repellent   by Darren Pace

in Outdoors / Camping    (submitted 2011-05-13)

With spring here and summer just around the corner everyone is looking forward to warm weather. However, warm weather also brings with it insects that are often a painful nuisance and can ruin both indoor and outdoor activities. Chemical insect repellent may help and some even do an excellent job but, are often not safe for children or pets. However, electronic insect repellents are not only safe, but can actually keep the area they are in insect free.

Let's face it those flies and mosquitoes that make their way into your home drive you crazy. Not only is the constant buzzing annoying and distracting but, the bites from these insects are itchy, can sting and sometimes become infected. Outdoors insects can be worse, driving you indoors during the evening hours just when the night is beginning to cool off and putting a damper on that outdoor entertaining.

The Problem With Chemical Insect Repellents

There are several different choices you have for a chemical insect repellent. Some you apply to your skin itself and others like citronella candles and yard sprays you use in the atmosphere where your activity is taking place. The problem with these types or repellents is that the insect usually has to get close to you or your entertainment area before the chemical smell actually drives them away. In addition, in the case of those spray on or cream repellents that you put on your skin if you miss one tiny area you are going to get bit no matter how thick the spray or cream is on the rest of your body.

This means at best these products are hit or miss leaving you feeling exposed to those vicious little winged creatures that are lying in wait for you to step out of your home.

The Benefits of Electronic Insect Repellents

One of the great benefits of an Electronic Insect Repellent is that they come in various styles designed for various purposes. You can get larger lantern type repellents that you can place around your camp and the area where you are entertaining and the sound they emit will keep those insects at a safe distance. Smaller, versions are designed for people who want to stroll around or want to go hiking and you don't have to worry about having all exposed skin covered because again the sound is surround sound and keeps those insects from being a pain in the neck or behind the ear.

Best of all they are not only safe to use around pets and children but, they are also environmentally friendly keeping those nasty insects at bay without the need to pollute the environment with sprayed on or smoking chemicals.

Do They Work?

No doubt you have heard the claims that an insect repellent does not work on every kind of mosquito or for every flying insect. Alas this is true. But, again look at those chemical products and you will find that no matter how much of the chemical you use, they don't keep every insect at bay either. Just think of all the times you have sat in the yard or taken a hike after using a chemical based product and still been driven inside because of the insect population.

The truth is these electronic devices work just as well and sometimes better than their chemical counter parts. But, seeing is believing so why not try one out for yourself?