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Different Jobs in Animation For Individuals to Begin His or Her Career   by Productionjobshop

in Business    (submitted 2013-02-27)

No sooner you complete your graduation and studies, the crucial time comes up to decide your career path. It is no doubt a dream of every youngster to begin with lustrous and prosperous career; however, before deciding upon the career path, it would be wise to learn everything various industry sectors have to offer. What usually happens these days is, when an individual seeks a job; he or she has to go through intensive training programs that would help him or her become acclimated to various standards. In most cases, the young individual quits during the training itself, thinking that the offered job profile is not suitable for him or her. There are even cases where an individual thinks that the job offered does not match what he or she have graduated or studied for. This thing happens in almost every industry sectors, except the field of animation. Jobs in animation do not demand intensive training program, and it is the most satisfying and lucrative industry ever.

The field of animation is broad, and it cater for many industrial sectors including motion picture, advertising, video games and entertainment, engineering, space science, architecture, web design, and many more. For young individuals seeking jobs in animation, they must proceed by weighing their competency in animation and what the job demands from them. As said earlier the field of animation is broad and, so do the jobs in animation. Let us look at some of the jobs in animation a young individual can pursue.

Conventional hand drawn animation jobs

It is an artistic job that requires a lot of hand drawn sketches. Usually, all the hand drawn sketches differ slightly from each other. Once the set of sketches is completed, it is systematically arranged and displayed in quick succession to create the perception of moving picture. Warner Bros. and Walt Disney used this type of animation, but these days, it is used to make storyboard of any concept.

Stop motion animation jobs

It is a job where physical objects are manipulated and filmed to create an illusion of movement. Clay figures and puppets are largely used for such animation. Television and movies usually employ stop motion animation for their production.

2D animation jobs

It is a job that requires the creation of objects and layers, which are later, rendered using various 2D graphic software application. This type of animation can cater for any animation requirement of various industries, including advertising and web design.

3D animation jobs

3D animation jobs are the most lucrative jobs since it can cater for surreal animation requirement for any industry whether it is space science or film production. It requires the use of high-end graphic software applications as well as other technologies to create breathtaking animations.

Considering the competency in field of animation, an individual must pursue the job accordingly. If the individual is competent with 2D animation, he or she must only pursue jobs in 2D animation and not any other type of animation; however, if the individual is interested in jobs for other type of animation, then he or she must learn or upgrade his or her skills.