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in Business    (submitted 2011-02-17)

recently, in the chinese trading environment and industrial safety forum, the state electricity device association hu xiaohong, vice minister of information on china's trade environment and industrial safety introduced in detail. present, china's industry has experienced two important historical period. the first is the mid-80s of last century, reform and opening up the formation of a huge domestic market demand, growth in the appliance market enterprise groups as a major force. but since the mid 90s of last century, the development of integrated appliances industry, domestic and international efforts, all the chinese household electrical appliance in the global industrial transfer in the process of achieving industrial upgrading. huge market size and laid a chinese export scale great power status. although the past 10 years, china's industry has made rapid development, china's exports accounted for an increasing share of the world's largest exports, but china's trade surplus to other countries, resulting in a trade imbalance, leading to more trade disputes various barriers endless. "unipolar world, the situation will not allow long-term presence." hu xiaohong said. hu xiaohong introduced the world's appliance industry shift will change the current appliance industry trade patterns. regional economic development is shaping a new trade patterns, new appliances producing areas led to the development of the global s industry competition pattern changed with it. in the north american free trade area of the development process, the u.s. major production to mexico, a large-scale shift, so that the rapid growth of mexican exports of s. and with the process of eu enlargement, the western european major industry in the central and eastern europe, poland, slovakia, the czech republic, hungary and turkey, the process of transfer, making turkey and eastern europe was the rapid development of industry. "if, in the development of economic globalization, tnc changed in 10 years china's position, then a new era of regional economic development, multinational corporations can also use the 10-year time to create a new situation. "hu xiaohong that the pattern of multinational companies is to change the dominant force in global competition, as long as multinational corporations shift orders to china, china's s export industry will be affected immediately. according to reports, industry transfer, control orders, control, technical standards and manufacture trade barriers are all multinational companies the means to easily change the competitive landscape. now, china is regarded as low-cost foreign processing zone vulnerable to anti-dumping allegations. moreover, since a new round of multinational companies investment more use of sole-based, such enterprises are wholly owned r & d institutions in china in the new round of industry transfer opportunities to reduce the spread of access to technology, industrial upgrading difficult to become larger. complex trade friction situation, regional economic development, china's industry in a buyer's market realities, have given the chinese home appliance industry, issued a warning. [popular keywords]: pattern trading industry comment large in small