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Beading From A to Z   by Carol Key

in Business    (submitted 2007-10-29)

Bead fashions are a hit all across the country, with all populations and interests. This is evident when you look inside department stores, malls, fashion boutiques and just everyday people walking the streets. You see just about every kind of store selling beaded items in the form of bracelets, necklaces, wall hangings, purses and other decorative items. If someone is not selling beads, chances are they are wearing them. Beads are irresistible!

A reason for their popularity is their versatility. You will find beads in all shapes, sizes, textures and designs. Their diversity and rich patterns make them ideal for all types of designers. Fashion designers use them to accent an outfit. Interior designers use them as wall hangings and decorations. Even furniture designers are using beads on cushion covers and fabrics to add an extra sense of style to your home.

Beads are nothing new, they have been around ever since people starting wearing things. They have been fashioned out of metal, coral, glass, stones and even bones. Modern day materials such as acrylics and plastics are used as well. Beading is truly timeless.

It is impossible to get bored with beading due to its diversity. There are countless numbers of bead designs out there to choose from. Combine the different designs with different ways of putting the beads together and the different materials you can make the beads out of, and you have an unlimited set of design options. There are even more options for your design if you consider all the different beading techniques, just a few examples are wiring, threading, embroidering, weaving and sticking. The beads themselves can be held together with different kinds of threads. Simple pieces of string, yarn or chains may be used. Beads can also be held without thread using glue and magnets.

Bead shows are a very important and exciting part of beading. When bead designers get together to sell their beads, they often share ideas and techniques. This results in more creative and more colorful designs all across the board. Bead shows can be a part of a gem and jewelry show or they can be stand alone and focus on beading. It is recommended for any beginner bead designer to make their way to a bead show to see the beading community in action.

Bead shows take place all around the country. You can find many on the West coast and in Denver, but the most popular and biggest ones go on in Tucson, Arizona. Tucson becomes a jewelry extravaganza every winter as hundreds of thousands of jewelry enthusiasts come from all around the world. Beads are a huge part of this. Popular bead shows include the J.O.G.S. Gem and Jewelry Show at the Tucson Expo Center and the Holidome Show.

The beading community is also held together by a number of magazine publications. They do a great job of connecting beaders with educational resources, a means market their goods and the beading community. Bead enthusiasts share their designs and ideas in articles that they submit to the magazines. Publications such as Bead and Button magazine, and Bead Style magazine offer great insight on current trends in bead fashion and are a must read for any bead retailer. The magazine, Bead and Button Show, delivers coverage of all the yearly bead shows that would take a very hectic schedule to visit in entirety.

Beading is fun, easy and cost effective. Try it out and see why people all around the world have been beading for thousands of years.