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Amplified Retro T shirts for Kids with Style   by Afsheen Qamar

in Shopping / Clothing    (submitted 2010-12-07)

Nowadays, you often see people of all ages wearing graphic t shirts, their favourite band tshirts or favourite cartoon charachter tshirts. These are called vintage style t-shirts and they are very popular now. You might be asking why they are still popular when the themes they have are popular several decades ago. Here are some reasons why vintage style t-shirts are popular.

� Retro T-shirts can bring you that nostalgic feeling because they take you back to that time when you were still a kid and people love watching I Love Lucy and Star Trek and comic strips like Tom and Jerry and Sesame Street were still popular. Once you see these themes printed on your t-shirt, it's like an instant trip than memory lane. And who wants to forget a happy childhood filled with interesting pop culture?

� Some amplified tees are funky and associated with popular classic bands. Bands like Pink Floyd,Guns N Roses, Rolling Stones, Kiss and ACDC surely take you down the memory lane.Even now these same bands are very populary amongst the teenagers.On the T-shirts you see these bands name, or their pictures or their songs imprinted on.

� Some vintage tees are funny. They have funny phrases or messages written at the front or back like "Powered by Pizza" or "Still a virgin? I can help"," just to cite a few examples. Your gloomy day will instantly turn happier once you wear these funny vintage tees that can put a smile on anybody's face. Funny vintage style t-shirts are popular especially among comedians or funny people who always want a good laugh.

� Vintage tees also let you have your favourite super hero or a sports hero imprinted on your T-shirt.Bruce Lee, Superman and Batman are few of the most popular among young kids.

� Vintage tees are also very comfortable to wear. You can wear them on any casual events. They are also very easy to pair with other pieces of clothing. You can wear them with any kinds of jeans, shorts, or mini skirts. you can also pair them with just about any casual footwear-flats, flip flops, sneakers or rubber shoes, and sandals.