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Advertising Tips Using QR Codes   by Eric Binkley

in Advertising    (submitted 2011-12-26)

Advertising using qr codes requires some planning. The qr code is a great way to link the real world with the world wide web. Let's look at some tips that will help you use qr codes in advertising and save you a lot of time and headache.

Define the goals of your quick response code advertising. Are you concered with know how many visitors scanned and click the link you provided? Is you advertising designed to generate a direct response or continue to connect your brand with potential customers? Will your advertising be exclusively viewed by existing customers? Knowing what your advertising objective is will help you create a qr code designed with a specific purpose.

Most websites that allow you to create quick response codes just put forms on a page and you have to figure out what to do with these forms. is taking qr code creation in it's appropriate direction by designing smart code creators with a specific purpose. There are several reason why your 2-D code should be generated with a specific purpose in mind. The quick response code can do more than simply linking a tangible object to a virtual one.

Let's assume you are creating a direct mail piece designed to create a direct response. If you create or generate a 2-D bar code that has just your company name and phone number, this is a good start. Adding a message about the special promo and a link to the full details landing page may increase conversions even more.

Let's assume you are creating a mail piece or an advertisement in a newspaper. You want to let people know about your new facebook and twitter accounts. Hopefully if you are looking into qr codes you are already aware of the basics to facebook and twitter marketing. The 2-D code you create should at minimum have your company name and these accounts. People tend to mis-spell or mis-type emails, social network pages and your website. Often users of computers type your info into a search bar and not the address bar. When this happens they may or may not find you. Including information in your que r code that is relevant to your ads is essential.

If you edit the color of your qr code using "Rapid Edit" or another program be sure to avoid very light colors. Additionally quick smart response codes are not scanned easily or at all if their is a background color inside the qr code. Around the quick response code with colors or logo is perfect.

Creating your 2-D code and getting ahead of your competition early is key. As more and more companies start using qr codes everyone is seeking the scan. The standard black sqaure box may be perfect for now, but get prepared to make it a brand. Logotize is what I like to call the dressing up of the qr code. Incorporate your color schemes, your main logo, or create a special logo for your unique dynamic qr code so people know to scan when they see it.

Last tip about qr codes in this article. If using your quick code and utilizing short notes use caution. On more permanent items 2-D codes and short notes should be rather neutral. Recently a new. Friend of mine told me about a very embarrassing mistake with quick response codes. She is in the real estate business. Her first qr code was placed on a yard sign. She used a redirectable short link similar to "Rapid Shortner" but they forgot to tell her these tips. She was sold the first home which was a short sale, pre forclosure which she used in her short note. She moved her smart coded real estate sign to the next property. These customers were almost in tears she told me. They had scanned the quick code, and it did redirect to the right landing page. The problem was in the short note that wasn't editable. Their house wasn't a short sale pre-forclosure. It was a very nice home in an exclusive neighborhood. They hoped their neighbors had not scanned it yet.